Myopia - What you need to know about it? (Dr. Anup Explains Series - For Patients)

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Whenever we buy something, it is because the purchase satisfies a want. It may or may not, satisfy an actual need. While needs are the ba- sic necessities for survival, wants are emotional. You want it for different reasons. Wants follow needs. If you want to increase prescriptions for your brand, it is crucial for a brand manager to recognize the wants of a doctor, unless you are calling a doctor in a charitable dispensary. Consider this: you need a vehicle for going from Point A to Point B.

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A bicycle can take you there, or may be a mobike; so you need a bicycle or a mo- bike. But if you want to satisfy your ego an emo- tion , you want only a Mercedes. You need a shirt but you want a Louis Philippe as it makes you feel superior an emotion.

You need a mobile but you want the Apple i7 and may even wait for the Apple i8 to be launched. When wants and needs are in sync, selling is rel- atively easy. But when wants are in conflict with needs, danger looms.

Because whenever a want conflicts with a need, the want always wins. For instance, you are promoting a cough syrup based on needs, but the doctor wants something else — then there will be no prescription. Figure out the wants your cough syrup will satisfy. If a brand manager can identify the wants of the target audience, he has set into motion the brand building process.

Trust reinforces confidence and influences choice of the user. Trust builds brand loyalty. Trust is one of the most common emotions used by marketers to communicate advertising messages. Whether it is a mutual fund manager, an e-commerce website or a jewelry store telling a bride who makes a wed- ding purchase, trust is a strong emotional benefit that drives sales.

Anatomical and functional graft survival, 10 years after epikeratoplasty in keratoconus

Trust creates positive perceptions in the minds of customers. Nonetheless, with the emotion of trust comes a very deep expectation from the customer. It can- didly acknowledges the risk, making this product a trustworthy product for those want to gamble in risk.

This mutual fund therefore can be relied on. On the next page is an ad of a jeweler. It so beauti- fully communicates you can depend on this jewel- er for its authenticity and style. Today, doctors are unforgiving when those prom- ises of faith, trust and security are broken. In case there is inconsistency in your brand message and experiences on trust, the breach of trust can be devastating for you brand. With trust comes responsibility to meet the prom- ise. Case Study Look at OlaCabs for instance.


OlaCabs, commonly known as Ola, is an online transportation network company. Ola started as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, and is now based out of Bangalore. The promise of OlaCabs: Source - www. Convenience: Book within seconds and get instant confirmations.

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Quality: Our cars are audited for cleanliness, safety and comfort. Our drivers are well trained and reliable. Spread love, ride free! My actual experience 1. Reliable: You get instant confirmation but the drivers do not turn up. At the last moment you get a SMS that the driver has initiated cancel- lation. Well trained drivers: Drivers do not know how to respond to passengers.

Ill-trained and lack basic manners and culture. Audited for Safety: How can your rides be safe when drivers keep on talking on their mo- biles while driving?

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Drive free: The driver tells you that he will come only if he is paid cash — there are no free rides. All these have been recorded in my complaints to OlaCabs. The promise of OlaCabs? Their actions are weak and inconsistent with their promises. The credi- bility of OlaCabs is very low. The OlaCabs iceberg has started melting from the bottom, and eventu- ally can capsize and the company may even close down. Any brand can claim to be trustworthy. In that sense, trust can be considered a soft differentiator. Without quantifiable or tangible proof that a brand is trustworthy, the message of trust can fall on deaf ears.

Every airline claimed it was trustworthy. Today, fewer fliers believe Spice Jets claims of being trustworthy. Research has shown that people who trust more have higher levels of oxytocin in their brains. It is because of trust cus- tomers have built; a coherent relationship of trust to the brand. This trust comes from its brand equity and Pfizer has brilliantly leveraged this.

Indigo Airlines has used the trust element delight- fully — trusted for punctuality. Indigo Standard Time stands for punctuality. Indigo Airlines has won the trust of fliers that it is a punctual airline and this emotional message of trust distinguished Indigo Airlines from others.

In less than 7 years of existence it went on to beat Jet Airways introduced in to become the leader. And they strive hard to keep this promise. Case Study In the Indian pharma market, take tinidazole. Tini- dazole was introduced by many top Indian compa- nies but could not make a dent in the amoebicidal market.

Anatomical and functional graft survival, 10 years after epikeratoplasty in keratoconus

It remained a very poor runners-up to met- ronidazole. When Pfizer introduced Fasigyn, it gave tinidazole the much-needed shot-in-the-arm and all of a sud- den this market became buoyant. Fasigyn could inspire the trust and confidence of prescribers. It was this trust and the conviction which Pfizer used to make it the 1 brand in the amoebicidal market.

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