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Thomas Weelkes uses word painting to write his six voice madrigal, "As Vesta was Descending", in It was the ability for merchants to strike it rich that allowed for the Renaissance to start. It created a patronage system where merchants would pay artists enough money in order to concentrate on their craft and not have to work. Baroque is the Italian word for pearl. The music period was named so because of the embellishment that was often found in the music from the era.

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Orfeo was performed in It was one of the first perfected works of Opera. It was written by Monteverdi. A fugue, German for "chase," is a rich polyphonic composition consisting of a series of successive melody imitations. Bach wrote Fugue No. This was another work that elevated a form to perfection. Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio, which was about a man's botched mission to save his lover from her kidnappers, first premiered in Mozart's The Magic Flute premiered in Mozart wanted to use The Magic Flute to communicate the complexity of human life and depth of human emotion.

Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. He dedicated it to his pupil, Countess Giulietta Guicciardi. Haydn's last major work was the Harmoniemesse.

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It was the sixth mass for the Esterhazys. It was completed in The Industrial Revolution started in , giving people more free time to learn and enjoy music. Grieg completes his Piano Concerto in A minor in This concerto becomes synonymous with Norway. Monet and other French painters create a new school of painting called Impressionism in This led to Impression in music.

Claude Debussy completes his Suite Bergamasque in This suite has his most popular work Claire de Lune. Alban Berg completes his opera Wozzeck in Wozzeck is a good example of Expressionist music. In , the Mexican government asks Manuel Ponce to create a composition to celebrate Mexico's heritage. This resulted in Instantaneas Mexicanas. She also thanks her family and friends for their tremendous support.

Keep up with her on Instagram gabriella. This is his first show with Moonlight. A favorite role of his was Lurch in Addams. When he is not acting he can be found drumming or bird watching. BJ is having such a fun time with this show and hopes you enjoy it. Special thanks to his Family and Moonlight.

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She has had the privilege to be a part of the dance teams at Temecula Dance Company for the last 4 years and was crowned regional Petite Miss Star Systems this past May for her tap solo. She would like to thank the artist team for all their hard work and friends and family for all of their support.

This will be her 26th production and her 5th with MYT. Meers Thoroughly Modern Millie. When not performing, she studies voice and dance throughout San Diego. She would like to thank everyone who has helped her, especially her mom, to get to where she is today. His other credits include, Museum Mr. He hopes to continue this passion for performing, and this show will only make that passion grow, for as long as he can. Thanks to everybody for all of their support - enjoy the show!

She would like to thank the artistic team for this incredible opportunity and experience and her family and friends for their support and love. Recent credits include Pirates of Penzance Jr. Much appreciation to her family and to the creative team for this great experience! Ben has learned so much and made many friends during this production!


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He wants to thank his family, friends and all musical theater fans! Jack is very involved in school and loves to volunteer in his community. Jack would like to thank the wonderful creative team, cast, and crew, but most importantly his family for their constant love and support. Ally is thankful for the support of all her Family and Friends! Matthew has made many lasting friendships through theater and wants to thank his Friends and Family for all their support. This is his second Moonlight Youth Production and his favorite so far. Many thanks to Steven, Colleen, Lyndon, friends and family.

With a voice as big as her heart, she warmly invites you to be her guest and enjoy the show. Tori has received three NYAwards and three nominations. God is good! Psalms Gracie LOVES life and possesses multiple interests including acting, singing, dancing, volleyball, art, cooking, baking and has been a contestant on Master Chef Junior twice!

She thanks MYT for providing this opportunity and she hopes you enjoy the show!! She would like to thank everyone at MYT for the opportunity and her amazing family for their love and support. She is a 14 year old freshman at Classical Academy. Annelise is thankful to her family and the entire Moonlight production team for making this whole experience possible. Please, sit back, relax, and be our guest! She has had a great time and hopes that you all enjoy the show as much as she enjoyed being a part of this stellar cast.

When she is off stage she enjoys playing soccer, singing, doing gymnastics and spending time with friends and family. His previous shows include an ensemble role in James and the Giant Peach Jr. Sponsored by Ray and Sara Botts. Kylie also enjoys singing at cabarets, beach-volleyball, baking, and choreographing. Bradford for giving her this experience, her vocal coach Errolyn Healy for the mentoring, and God-who provides each opportunity to do what she loves to do on stage!

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Proverbs She is super excited to be in her first MYT show with her big sister, Charlotte. Aside from singing and dancing, Anika enjoys playing softball and video games. She would like to thank JD for being fabulous and Charlotte for convincing her to audition. She hopes you enjoy the show! She would like to thank JD once again and the production team for the opportunity to sing and dance on the Moonlight stage. Her favorite roll thus far has been Mrs. Kelly in Annie Warbucks. Garrett also enjoys playing basketball, fishing, and treks with Boy Scout Troop He would like to thank the artistic team for this rewarding opportunity.

You inspire me. She has been acting in youth productions for 6 years. Noel is thrilled to be part of the cast at Moonlight. Noel would like to thank her supportive family and friends for their constant love and encouragement.

Kaitlyn adores her yellow Labrador, Jessie and she loves photography, dancing and reading. She is a 7th grade homeschooler. She is 13 years old and is in 8th grade at Martin Luther King. This is her 9th show in North County.

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She is excited to be making her Moonlight Theatre debut. Assuring themselves that this time will be different, they vow to make good on their promise to find Amanda and see that she is safe.

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But their determination to do the right thing holds dark implications Kenzie and Gennaro are not prepared for consequences that could cost them not only Amanda's life, but their own.