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Esther November 28, at am - Reply. As the world economy slumps, African countries embrace intra-regional trade — Africa Macro February 7, at pm - Reply. Leave A Comment.

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    Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. According to Ngwale, Mchombe River was placed in category E—clear evidence of the high level of pollution in the communities' only source of water. Kaaya says the locals have to wade in through the river for at least meters to establish its biotope. According to Dr.

    UK's Prince Harry says Africa's embrace helped him address mom's demise

    Kaaya, reasons for the changes in river health over space and time can be explored based on the dominant land use of the area. She adds, "Other activities can be observed on the interactive satellite map, and supplemented by knowledge of their community. Damas Patrick Mbaga, a hydrologist with AWF, says the collection of miniSASS data is a perfect illustration of citizen science, where a group of volunteers with no formal training in the aquatic sciences can undertake a source-to-sea assessment of a river's health.

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    African wild dogs, Ethiopian wolves, and countless other animals need your voice. AWF Blogs bring you to the critical landscapes we work in, where conservation benefits both wildlife and people alike. The blogs are written by our staff - men and women who have dedicated their lives to Africa's wildlife, people and wild lands.

    By there are expected to be half a million new internet users in sub-Saharan Africa, joining million already online.

    An Embrace of Africa | American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Many are connected via mobile phones. The technology has dramatically altered lives, granting access for rural farmworkers to new markets and saving lives through telemedicine. Yet many countries in Africa, with comparatively weak institutions to protect the fundamentals of democracy, risk becoming a testing ground for the abuse of new tech and violations of privacy. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal became headline news, it emerged that the data of 60, South African internet users had been compromised.

    With the proliferation of automated Twitter bots on tablets, laptops and phones, the opportunity to seize the narrative on everything from elections, land or xenophobic violence in South Africa seems endless. Without building resilience to pre-empt such digital blindspots, the tech revolution risks undermining democracies, hijacking key infrastructure and — in a growing number of cases — provoking a real-world response to virtual threats.

    Communities embrace a unique way of assessing river water quality

    It is already happening elsewhere, as illustrated earlier this year when Israeli defence forces launched airstrikes against what they claim was a Hammas facility undertaking cyber attacks. Imagine if Kenya were to launch a similar military response to a suspected cyber threat from Somalia, or even Yemen? The geopolitical ramifications of this new age give one pause for thought.

    Nor does the traditional non-aligned status of countries such as South Africa offer protection. Moreover, Africa is witnessing the emergence of cyber criminal gangs available for hire — globally. Islamic State, it has been extensively reported, is already honing its cyber skills.