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These days most people I met face to face have only nice things to say about me, what they say behind my back, to be quite frank, who knows or cares. Generally my readers send emails and comments filled with lovely general discussions, or they want to debate about something I have written. When they attack me on my physical appearance, then that hurts and of course those comments never see the light of day. I had a chuckle to myself. As I said, no mystery I am a curvy girl. I actually put the following status update on my personal Facebook profile;.

You can imagine the comments in response to the above, friends having a giggle, a few saying that it was awesome and some getting defensive on my behalf.


Reflections From The Bell Curve

I was cool with it, not offended by the invite, but at that stage still not sure if I was going to RSVP yes. Why was I uncertain? May I add there was no pressure to write about this event whatsoever.

Stupid Young Man Calls In To Argue About 'The Bell Curve' With Sam Seder

Then I received a nasty comment from a reader on one of my recent Recipe to Riches reviews. It actually was a two-part comment. The first comment was to advise that I had made a grammatical error in the article I had written. I can cope with this, and under normal circumstances would have published the comment, corrected the error and thanked them for brining it to my attention. In this case I noticed there was a spam link in the comment.

The next day I received the most ugly response to my not publishing their comment. I was called stupid and uneducated. There were derogative remarks about myself as a food blogger.

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The barrage of insults just kept coming. That was fine, I can also cope with these types of comments, I do get the odd self-opinionated nut job reading the blog on occasion. What upset me, and then made me angry, was the fact they then went on to attack my appearance. And it is that comment that ultimately introduced me to a whole breed of other bloggers out there, curvy fashion bloggers. Before this event I had never read a curvy fashion blog or knew of their existence. Oh how my world has changed. Actually these girls are amazing and quite fearless.

They write about fashion for those with a bit of meat on their bones. They put photos of themselves up on their blogs wearing their latest finds, and really do leave themselves open to nice and nasty feedback alike. The more I read the more I found out that the more popular bloggers get some nasty criticism as well as the creepy think fetish. The insecure person I am at times meant I was really quite nervous about heading along to the Belle Curve launch. It was like starting fresh, attending my first ever media event, a blogging newbie.

My insecurities of course were unnecessary, the launch was nicely done. The agency had arranged for small intimate groups of bloggers to view the new Belle Curve range. The venue was the Penthouse at The Establishment in Sydney. Our group consisted of four curvy girls including myself , and as I suspected the fashion bloggers all knew each other. I was definitely the odd one out. I have to say, I have never been to an event where I was made to feel more comfortable. Those three other bloggers Dannimezza , Too Many Sequins , and Owl Teapot were so welcoming to this stranger from another blogosphere.

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Not only is Fiona stunning, she has the most gorgeous personality. There was even a professional photographer on hand, Esteban. As the others quickly dived in and had a good look at the range, I was on the apprehensive side and stood back a little. This was all new to me. I am seriously a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl.

Not big on accessories or shoes. I made the conscious decision to try on only dresses from the range. Completely take myself out of my comfort zone.

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  • Reflections From The Bell Curve!
  • Reflections From The Bell Curve.
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I had not worn, tried on or purchased a dress in at least 4 years. The Belle Curve range is quite extensive, tops, pants, skirts and the mentioned dresses. I picked a dress up off the rack. It had a fitted sequin skirt, with the top half made from a looser chiffon fabric. It gave the illusion of a separate skirt and top.

Target Belle Curve Range + Giveaway

I like dresses with sleeves. About to put it back when Fiona approached me. To cut a semi long conversation short, she convinced me to try it on. Oh Fiona, if you only knew how that moment has changed my wardrobe over the past month. You have no idea what you have done, you have created a bit of a dress monster. It hid all my lumpy and jiggly bits, fitted perfectly and I felt like a million bucks. That dress has now made its way into my wardrobe as my little black dress for the coming festive season.

I will admit, it looked a lot better on Fiona, anything would look good on that woman, but I was happy with how it looked on me. To my joy, that dress has also made its way into my wardrobe, thanks to a surprise parcel from the Target PR team. I mentioned earlier about Esteban the photographer. He was on hand to take some professional photos of us in the Belle Curve range.

It was at this point I wish I had had the foresight to wear stockings! It has been at least 8 months since my legs saw sunlight. It looked like sourcing a pair of shoes to wear with the dresses was going to be an issue as well. Luckily Fiona has large feet like myself and I borrowed her size 11 black high heels.

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The Belle Curve range is a fantastic addition to Target and is available in store now. It fills a much-needed gap of great looking gear for the curvy woman size at a reasonable price. The range is designed to take you from desk to dinner. There are a couple of specialty pieces as well. If you are a curvy girl like me, it will be an opportunity to purchase something from the Belle Curve range yourself. Entry is easy, just have a look at the new Belle Curve range at Target here , and let me know which piece you would like to add to your wardrobe.

If you like the Belle Curve range, keep an eyes open in store as more pieces will be released in January This is a post that must inspire and infuriate everyone who reads it. Oh well done in smashing through your comfort zone! First florals now sequins?! Fabulous ;D After seeing how great you looked at EDB in a dress you can expect me to pressure you to wear them all the time now!

I love the look of the Belle Curve Sequin Shrug! Versatile and great to change up a day look to a night look. I admit, I have. When the jackpots are high I occasionally buy a quick pick or two. I think about a few luxuries I would indulge in with the prize; a live-in nanny, a private jet subscription, an apartment in Manhattan. I would need a whole bunch of additional insurance coverage, especially liability insurance because now I have a whole lot to lose.

Did I mention that lottery winners do not have the option to be anonymous? What would life become without that drive? Without something to strive for, why would I get out of bed in the morning? I think that, after the joy of winning wore off, I would be lost. Even though America is the land of opportunity, very few people rise out of the socioeconomic level in to which they were born. I hope that the winner s of this jackpot will be free to live their most fulfilling life. Email address:.