By Right of Blood: Part 3 (The Lucin Wars Series Book 1)

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However, Sepulchure takes no surprise and assures that it is within their plan.

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Klatu retreats before The DoomBlade tells Sepulchure to keep an eye on you, and the DoomBlade itself is to be left in Falconreach instead of being brought away.. Link: Undead Assault Also see : None 1. The first part happens right at the beginning of the game. You are standing on a cliff when a Red Dragon appear! She climbs down of the dragon with the little red moglin, Twilly, following her. It is then that the Priestess and Twilly run into a Gorillaphant. As a Hero, you must defeat the beast to save the Priestess and the Box! After you slay the Gorillaphant, Celestia asks for your name.

Twilly spills the beans saying, "But isn't he so-and-so who you said would save the world? He orders you after Lady Celestia as the forest is full of Bandits. Traveling into the forest, you find Lady Celestia run up against Drakath. You defeat Drakath, and he swears you will pay for it. Lady Celestia thanks you, but she set the box down and a Sneevil sort of green goblin ran off with the box.

You must now travel to Robina the Hood, who is a trained Sneevil hunter. When you arrive at Surewould Forest, where she stands, she catches a Sneevil in a trap. It just happened to be the Sneevil who has the box. Robina is now in possession of the box; you must get gold from the bandits and give it back to the forest creatures to earn the box. Before she hands it over, Drakath and his creature Krakhim show up, and you must defeat them.

You get to open the box Oh no!

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Whatever was in it is gone! The Sneevil tells you that he dumped it in the Sneevil Dumpsite! Sneevils, while loving boxes, could not care less about what's actually in them when they steal them. That "thing" appears to be a Dragon Egg You must travel towards someone who would know where the Sneevil Dumpsite - and the egg - is. Valencia gives you directions, and you fight monsters of junk to get to your egg when a Vultragon sort of oversized vulture seizes it and flies away with it.

You follow it to the Vultragon's nest, where you defeat it for the egg. You now have five eggs, one of which is the Dragon Egg, the others are Vultragon eggs. Problem is You can't tell them apart. You're going to need someone who could help you! You now travel to Warlic aka the Blue Mage , who might be able to tell which egg the Dragon Egg is through his magical powers. After traveling through his tent in the Elemental Hills said "tent" is a portal leading to a tower he resides in , you find out that the the egg in the Black Dragon Box will hatch a dragon that, according to a prophecy, will destroy the world.

Another Dragon Box, the White Dragon Box, contains another dragon egg that, according to same prophecy, will hatch the dragon that will save the world. Warlic tells you that the egg magically cast an illusion around itself to protect itself from the Vultragon. You must now dispell that illusion.

Warlic asks you to retrieve the Ancient Tome of Summoning located on the other half of the tower, inhabited by Warlic's neighbour, Cysero aka the Green Mage. You must venture to Cysero's side of the tower filled with accidents and enchanted dirty laundry. After getting the Tome, you return to Warlic. You then go around the Elemental Foothills to find various reagents needed for the spell. After finding these you return to Warlic, who summons a Doomkitten, the only creature able to sniff out the real dragon egg and destroy the illusion.

After finding which egg it is, you must banish the Doomkitten by killing it. You have found the egg! Twilly leads you to a secret cave. In this cave, you will watch your egg hatch! Sepulchure has gotten his hands on the White Dragon Box, containing the egg that will hatch the dragon meant to save the world. In a flurry of rainbows, sun and flowers, we see Sepulchure's dragon hatch.

It's an adorable baby for about half a second, then Sepulchure uses his dark powers and turns it into a skeleton dragon dracolich. In a flurry of awesome evil and darkness your dragon is hatched. You are now in possession of an adorable baby dragon that is all yours!

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The Dragon Egg saga is completed! Now we get to interesting stuff: in a related questchain, Ash and Twilly lead you to a hilltop where you see a huge skeletal dragon with a castle on its back. This is Sepulchure's castle. How did Sepulchure get his hands on the White Dragon Box? This is explained here: Drakath, who serves him, managed to steal the White Dragon Box and return it to him. Sepulchure is angry with Drakath because he wanted both boxes and Drakath only brought him one. When the Dracolich flew over a place known as the Temple of the Four Winds, Drakath and an army of undead invaded it and robbed the Wind Priests of the White Dragon Box that was in their keeping.

You, the Hero, arrive at the Temple of the Four Winds shortly after this. There is no way to tell the difference until a final battle between those two is fought. But this time, not by undeads, by eyeballs! After you drive the eye monsters away from town, you manage to find the leader of the eyeballs, a being known as the Irismancer. He says that he is able to see the past, present and future.

He can see the wars happening, the shadows falling You believe that he is talking about Sepulchure and ask him to tell you more about him. However, he said that he would only tell you if you defeat him. After defeating him, you ask him your questions. The Irismancer was a Flying Eyeball and a pet of a powerful mage. When other eyeballs were released, he was not.

Blood Solstice (The Tale of Lunarmorte, #3) by Samantha Young

His power continues growing and draws other eyeballs to him, allowing him to see through their eyes. The reason that he attack town is to grab a power that the guardians are guarding in the Guardian Tower. You also learn that Sepulchure was a good hero at first, just like you. However, when he lost something dear to him, he began to search for more power.

He finally gained power by finding the fifth what happened to the fourth, huh?

Blood Solstice

Quick parenthesis about Doom Weapons: they are powerful weapons of purest darkness with corrupt and evil minds of their own. They whisper in the owner's ears, making them fall into darkness, driving them mad or even worse. He hates Warlic, the Blue Mage, with a passion. Xan invades and nearly destroys the town. King Alteon from the Greenguard Kingdom which Falconreach is part of sends 50 warriors, including his Elite Knights, to defend town against Xan. However, the royal army is defeated and Xan kills all the Elite with a single fire spell. The King himself goes missing.

You manage to save King Alteon from the Fire Elementals. He promotes you to his st Elite Knight what happened to the th, you may ask? Hehe, that'll be answered later.

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At that point, the only part of town that wasn't destroyed is the news board in center of the town. You fight Xan and he defeats you with a single fire spell! Xan is about to finish you when a pyre spy brings him mysterious news about Warlic, and Xan is forced to leave. Twilly the Moglin heals you. After this, the heroes donated gold to the town to help to the repairs, and Falconreach was built anew! However, you don't have a chance to hatch it before it disappears!

Panic strikes, as you find out someone has dug under Falconreach and got the egg from below. Spiders attack and you defeat them all. You finally meet their boss, the Spidermancer, in the Inn.