Fabulous Friendships: Scrapbooking The Relationships That Make Life Fun

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Challenge yourself. Some people have a tendency to shy away from difficult things, but challenges actually help us to grow and enjoy life. Take a look at your life and find small ways to kick things up a notch. Motivate yourself with powerful goals. Having something to look forward to is necessary to lead a satisfying life. Goals help give you a sense of direction in life and motivate you to keep pushing forward.

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Think of something you have put off in the past. Set a small, actionable goal relating to it and start working towards it today. For example, maybe you want to save money to travel the world. Keep learning. Stay busy and engaged with life by acting like a beginner in everything you do. Sign up for a class or read a book in which you can learn something completely new or even challenge old ways of thinking.

Fabulous Friendships: Scrapbooking the Relationships That Make Life Fun

Method 3. Hang out with your siblings. These people have known you your entire life and probably understand you a lot better than you think. Reach out to them and try to strengthen the bond you share. If your siblings still live nearby or under the same roof , try to start a new tradition, like eating Sunday dinner together. Spend quality time with your parents.

This relationship may not be one of equals, but you can share a hobby, express your feelings to them, and spend quality time with them. Join a club or organization. Make an effort to connect with others who have similar interests by becoming a member of a club or organization.

Help out in your community. Volunteering is a great way to give back and forge new social connections with people in your area. You may not necessarily develop a friendship with these people, but spending time with them may help you feel less alone. Even if you don't any friends, this does not necessarily mean that you are being "neglected.

Sometimes friends move away or just drift apart for reasons that are not your fault. Try not to feel neglected--because this can make you feel sorry for yourself. Try to be proactive and positive. We all go through periodic dips in our friendship. Use this period of time well, and focus on yourself!

Yes No. Not Helpful 24 Helpful I'm not very interesting or entertaining, but I'm very reliable, so my friends ignore me until they need favors. What should I do? They are obviously not true friends. Try letting them know how you feel. If things don't change, you should find better friends. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Embrace yourself! Find friends with similar interests, even if they are online.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful Realize that not everybody is the same. Just because one person hurt you doesn't mean the next person will. Be open minded and give someone a chance, because if you don't, you'll only be hurting yourself. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Rose Salvatore. Music is the best thing, I believe. If you are in a public place and have no one to talk to, just put on your headphones and enjoy observing people instead of talking.

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Not Helpful 12 Helpful What if I have no close family or friends, and just can't be happy alone? Immerse yourself in hobbies and activities which make you happy. Getting a pet can often help, as then, you are never alone and can get constant love back. Choose a pet that you can easily take care of and bond with. How can I stay quiet in class when I have friends I have fought with? If you have free seating in class, try to sit further away from them, at least until things calm down.

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If you have assigned seating, then consider asking your teacher to sit your further away and explain the situation and how it might affect your learning. In the meantime, try to make up with your friends. If this is not possible, try to make new friends. Not Helpful 10 Helpful I went to a new school and now I'm coming back to my old school and none of my old friends talk to me.

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Check out more on how here. I especially love flipping through the pages with kids — they go crazy about seeing their pictures in a book! And I love thinking back to the memories that I made going to see each one. Headed to the beach? This is so simple yet adds so much to a scrapbook page!

Only supplies needed are paper and some form of adhesive. Use it to store small memories or pictures.

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