Fluffy The White Squirrel Meets Teddy the Bully

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Description: Adult female is super sweet and needs medical attention due to infection on paws and limping.

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May have some joint issues. She looks no more than 3 years old. Contact: Kory Johnson. Description: wearing a collar with a pink bow tag with her name - Misti Hutton. Contact: Rebecca Hewett. Description: Please help!!! Siamese mix male cat.

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Description: beautiful friendly, has on a flea collar. Is chipped. A little heavy. Contact: Donna. Description: Found on Wake Tech main campus.

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Must be able to prove ownership. Contact: Taissira Mohareb. Contact: Jennifer Smith. Description: Lost him while we were moving; we were staying at my father's house for 5 days prior to moving into the new house. We miss him so much! Contact: Spencer. Description: He is a super sweet yet slightly skittish dog. He was walking along the side of the road when we found him and we didn't want him to get hit so we took him home.

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  4. He is very kind and calm. Contact: Patricia pierce. Description: Storm is a grey tabby and is just over a year old.

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    She was a stray cat that we rescued after hurricane Florence last year. She slipped out a door last week without us realizing. She is still nervous about people but very loving.

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    Contact: Mary M Dallas. Description: Black cat with a destinct black mark in his eye. He should have a blue collar on with a name tag. Contact: Anne Johnson. Description: White medium long silky white fur with bronze hiliites. Blue eyes.

    Contact: Renee Laserna. Description: Tri color bluetick coonhound with a black saddle. Pink collar. Contact: Jessica Schwartz. Contact: Kelly Or Josh Dove. Contact: Kathryn. Description: No collar or tags. No microchip. Very friendly but scared. Seemed like he was dumped. He had been there several hours before we picked him up. Primary Color: Merle. Secondary Colors: Tricolor. Contact: Tracy Horton. Description: Tried-colored Merle.

    City: Rolesville. Contact: Candy. Contact: Page Wages.

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    Description: golden doodle found near carefirst at oberlin. Primary Color: Brindle. Contact: Logan Hussey. Description: He is long and lean and runs very very fast. Has the likeness of a plott hound. Contact: Ben Cl. Description: Talkative all white cat with 2 different colored eyes. Contact: Brooke Belk. Description: Brin is an incredibly sweet one-year-old black male with a tiny white spot on his chest.

    He'll likely come up to a stranger and rub their feet. He has no chip but should be wearing his collar with the Belk family's name and number. Contact: Jammey LaNeve. Description: Black female dog, super sweet. Has red and black Salty Dog Color. Contact: Karen Brown. Description: Very young orange tabby found in downtown Fuquay parking lot. Playful and likes to explore.

    Contact: Nancy. Description: found this cat on my front porch. It has been seen by numerous neighbors and posted on various sites for weeks. Contact: Becky Sellers-Reeves. Description: Friendly, loves to eat, likes to have head petted, lot of white on him.