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Previously the series was available from Sony Pictures Entertainment in separate collections. Forever Knight focused on the adventures of an year-old vampire, Nick Knight, who was searching for redemption for his vampiric past by acting as a Homicide Detective in Toronto. The night shift, of course.

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He used his supernatural powers in his pursuit of criminals but none of his colleagues suspected his secret. Only the medical examiner, Natalie Lambert, knew he was a vampire and helped him on his quest to become human again. At the end of the series run in the finale episode, the ending was left somewhat ambiguous as to the fate of the character. Wonder if the series was remastered. Lucien LaCroix, who was a general in the early Roman Empire, and who was turned into a vampire by his daughter Divia as Pompeii erupted in 79AD, originally made Nick a vampire in Janette was also 'brought across' by LaCroix, before he brought Nick across.

They were Nick's companions for many centuries until he left them, seeking redemption and a way to reclaim his lost humanity. Janette now runs a night club, while LaCroix works as a late-night talk radio host. During the series, Nick had two partners.

Forever Knight Season 1 Episode 4

For the first two seasons it is Don Schanke. At the beginning of the third season, Detective Schanke dies in an airplane explosion caused by a bomber, and Nick is assigned a new partner, Tracy Vetter, a rookie detective who gets the assignment due to her father's high-ranking position in the police force. Tracy finds herself increasingly attracted to Javier Vachon, also a new character, who is a vampire who had been a conquistador in life. Nick and Vachon know about each other, and Tracy knows about Vachon being a vampire, but she never knows Nick is also a vampire.

Although Nick continues to protect the "innocent" civilians, he finally gets tired of the life he lives. Nick is faced with the choice to either move on or attempt to recapture his humanity through a method that puts Natalie's life in the balance. At that point LaCroix appears and indicates the time to leave is near and he must either bring Natalie over or leave her to die. Nicholas decides that neither option is acceptable and hands LaCroix a wooden stake.

We do not see what LaCroix does, but we hear him say "Damn you, Nicholas" in stress and frustration, and the scene cuts out to the building where Nick lives and a shot of the sun rising.

Mill Creek Bringing ’90s Series “Forever Knight” to DVD With Complete Collection Set

The ending is left to the viewers' interpretation but the implication is that Nick dies with LaCroix's help, hoping to join Natalie in an afterlife. In common with other vampire literature of the s, when AIDS was a common societal anxiety, vampirism in "Forever Knight" is partly approached as a disease to be overcome. Nick Knight, as well as several other vampire characters, demonstrates a number of superhuman abilities.

As a vampire, Nick has not aged throughout nearly years of existence. In most cases he is invulnerable to harm from gunshot, blunt force trauma, or blade. However, Nick's hypnotism does not always work, especially if the victim has physical evidence that proved opposite to what Nick would have them believe. Vampires in the Forever Knight universe are not reanimated corpses as their heart beats a few times every ten minutes, as is stated in one episode. None of the vampires turn into such things as bats, wolves, mist or fog. Two episodes reveal that vampirism in the Forever Knight universe is to some degree a psychosomatic condition.

Although vampires suffer the standard aversion to garlic and combust in the presence of holy objects or sunlight, vampires that have forgotten what they are due to suffering a physical or mental trauma are completely unaffected by these things. Reruns were also seen in syndication during the mid-to-late 90s. Madman Entertainment released the entire series in Region 4 Australia , in the same format.

Perry and Raleigh may or may not be carouche. There is no indication given of what makes a carouche -- maybe they're created by other carouche, maybe something goes wrong when they're brought across, or possibly something else. Does an FK vampire's heart beat once every ten minutes?

RiaW #235: Forever Knight

Lacroix referred to his own heart as being "still" in BMV and "dead" in UTV, indicating that it no longer beats whereas Nick said Richard would get a heartbeat about every ten minutes. However, because Nick's statement was possibly given as a fact of vampirism rather than something specific to Richard, that makes it a contradiction and the answer becomes "undetermined". Possibilities include: Lacroix using the words figuratively for a heart that doesn't beat very often, the heart beating every ten minutes only until the person awakens as a vampire, or the heart eventually stopping as the vampire ages.

When injured, do they need to ingest blood to heal? After being blown to pieces in OtL, Nick healed quite nicely before he drank any blood; same thing in NiQ after being burned by the sun; and in several eps after being shot including The Fix when he was partially mortal. There is also Vachon in BBu who was able to simply reattach his severed hand and wasn't shown to have ingested any blood.

Although Nick was given blood by Nat and a wrist exchange by Lacroix in NiQ there's no evidence that either was necessary, although it may have sped up the healing process or possibly, in LC's case, strengthened Nick's vampirism. Do FK vampires have a constant mental link between them? Throughout the entire first season, Nick did not realize that Lacroix was "undead". While distance often seems to be a factor, Nick's frequent refrain, "Where's Janette?

Do vampires need to have blood in their systems in order to heal? Although in OtL, Nick started to heal before his spilled blood even slithered back into him, there is no way to determine how much blood was already in his body. Is an older vampire always more tolerant of sunlight? Nick is quite comfortable with the blinds partially open, but he must close them before Janette is able to approach him and uncover her head. While IWR establishes aging as improving tolerance to the sun, Nick's higher tolerance level indicates there are other, more effective, means.

Do FK vampires always require blood to be brought across? As well as those we never actually saw get blood Richard, Serena, Alyce, etc.

Recent Episodes

Does becoming a vampire change one's sexual orientation? Serena BaBa can't really be used as an example because of her conspicuous motive in both forms -- wanting to become pregnant. Nick's own sexual orientation is further verified in 'Father Figure'. Lisa asks, "Are you straight? Can FK vampires have human sex? At least for the males. Undetermined for the females - BaBa and THF There is no evidence in the series that any male vampires have had sex, only evidence that they cannot. Try to love her as a human, but we all know that's impossible so let's move right along.

Continue to gaze at her over the balustrade like a love struck mongrel, which would be a terrific waste of eternity. Or, consummate your intense love for her in the most intense way. Take her.

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Kill her. Is an older vampire always physically stronger than a younger one? Apart from Nick's struggles with the younger Richard IWR and Spark AMPH which are speculative examples, and his triumph over Francesca who was older than him, solid evidence is found in Alexandria's FM belief that she was stronger than Nick "I'm much stronger than you now" , even though she knew she was younger. Other factors - fear, anger, blood, evil, etc.

SGRoA: Forever Knight, S03 E Last Knight | Catherine Winters

Do all FK vampires cast reflections? Natalie's remark about Nick being able to see himself in the mirror in Father Figure seems to indicate that this wasn't always the case. Although Nick's reflection is evident in numerous episodes, and both he and others see it, that doesn't automatically mean every vampire has a reflection. Can FK vampires turn into animals?

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Believe it or not! While it's generally understood and most likely that FK vampires don't have the ability to turn into animals, there is actually no proof one way or the other. Can FK vampires dematerialize?