Holding Hands With God

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While expert advice is plentiful, what so many women want is not the words of professionals but the comfort that comes from knowing that someone else has suffered the same struggles and has been able to find God in the midst of the storm.

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Holding Hands with God provides that comfort. A compilation of stories about pain and redemption, this is a woman-to-woman approach of personal witness.

Who's Hand Are You Holding? – City Church For All Nations

Each of the contributors shares the painful realities of her life, but she shares more than that: she shares the ways God has reached her to give new insights into the nature of her cross and to provide her with comfort, acceptance, and peace. Ronda Chervin has a Ph.

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Lord,hold my hands and take me wherever you want me to take. GOD is holding my hands.

Taking By The Hand

How lucky I am to have Jesus Christ as my Lord,keeper,taking care of my things. I had let my grasp go several times to be utterly disappointed and afraid…: But again now He is holding my hand. I feel so very fortunate to be loved by Jesus, and to read the messages here.

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I like! A its true! We as humans give to up easily we need to have hope, faith, peace and love, keep Jesus near our hearts, and be a child of God!

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