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Make smart strategic decisions

Or someone who can accomplish the same amount of work in just 30 hours? Despite proof that shorter workdays can lead to better service, many U.

Display size matters in the office

Under circumstances that limit distractions, every worker can be more efficient. Even the popular open office concept can increase distractions that destroy attention spans and creative thinking.

Seeding a Smarter Office

On the other hand, study after study has shown that remote employees are far more engaged and productive than their in-office counterparts. Give your trusted team members the option to work from home and coffee shops when needed, and you may be surprised at how much more they can accomplish. Bonus: Less money on partition accessories and pencil cups means more for shiny, transportable laptops. The average big business will waste millions of dollars on unproductive meetings this year.

Synonyms: poise, composure. This article originally appeared on Levo and is reprinted with permission.

Looking for the solution to the open office?

Synonyms: peculiarity, oddity, eccentricity Example: Ah, just another charming idiosyncrasy of our printers I see. Synonyms: stingy, frugal, cheap Example: In this campaign, there is no room to be parsimonious. Synonyms: poise, composure Example: It was a tense meeting, but you carried the presentation with aplomb.

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2) Unplanned Meetings → Agendas

I believe in you! David Hymson , who wins for best adherence to the philosophy of K. No explanations, no apologies, no promises to respond, no redirects to other colleagues.

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So I did. It was terrifying and indeed a lesson on making bold claims in a public way!