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Instead, the title refers to detective jargon -- "the kills," or the murders that happened. And, indeed, multiple murders are happening throughout this book; the key question is whether they're connected and, if so, how? And all of that is happening This book was not, as I had expected, the story of a murder out at Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island. And all of that is happening alongside Alex's prosecution of a combination sex crime and child neglect case.

Can all of it be related? And if so, how? I won't say any more but that the story is complex and mostly satisfying. I just wish Alex would get over her willingness to submit to the plot device. Jul 11, Miriam rated it really liked it Shelves: mysteries. Okay, I'm binging on these books because I cannot put them down. When the cases draw together and overlap, Cooper, Chapman, and Wallace have their work cut out for them.

Oh yes, the title "The Kills," while Chapman uses it to denote murders, it really refers to the small uninhabited islands between Staten Island and New Jersey. Fairst Okay, I'm binging on these books because I cannot put them down. Fairstein takes readers to exotic places in NYC. Once you start to read this series, you won't be able to stop.

The Kills: Alexandra Cooper, Book 6 (Unabridged)

Jun 19, Karen Filipowicz rated it really liked it. Don't think I've ever read one of her books that I didn't like and the is no different. Well written, same great characters with some nefarious ones added, great plot and some interesting history woven into the story line. Interesting side, I checked some of the history to see if it's fact or a product of Ms Fairstein's imagination. There are more truths in this fiction novel than the suppose Don't think I've ever read one of her books that I didn't like and the is no different.

So here is the reviews!!!! This is far better than I had expected in the first half you will feel a bit bored because the story goes in a flow, smooth, which you don't expect in a crime thriller.

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But once the story start taking turns it becomes more and more intersting. First there's a rape then there are murders This one starts with a fairly detailed courtroom scene in which Alex is prosecuting a rape case that also involves a child who is in need of protection from his father. Simultaneously there's a elderly black woman who has been murdered. At first these two crimes seem to have no connection, but then one by one there are an increasing number of people connected to both, but it's still unclear why. Again, the most interesting portion is the telling of Queenie's story rather than the mystery itself.

Feb 11, Book Wormy rated it liked it Shelves: read. The initial story about a he said she said rape case where the victim was forced into have sex when the perpetrator threatened to hurt his own son if she didn't was intriguing and I was looking forward to how this would play out in court. Instead the book went of on a tangent that was completely unbelievable. It held my attention hence the 3 star rating by really did there have to be so much added into the story.

Feb 02, Wiebke Kuhn rated it liked it. This is the first book I have read by Fairstein, and I found it quite interesting. Focusing on rape cases, this connects sexual assault with homicide with, in this case, obscure historical narratives. Some of the plot points seemed a bit formulaic, but overall I enjoyed this. Aug 10, David Squires rated it really liked it. Set in New York City my home town. It reminded me of The Maltese Falcon which is mentioned in the text.

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Two apparently separate crimes are set side by side and the plot twists at every juncture are both surprising and riveting. Hats off to Linda Fairstein. Nov 18, Madeleine Fox rated it liked it. Sep 30, Jim Cramer rated it really liked it Shelves: linda-fairstein.

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I have read the first six in this series. The Author writing an interesting story based on personal experience, I am sure. I have enjoyed each of these better than the last and look forward to reading the entire series. Sep 23, Rogue Reader rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-us-new-york. I liked the suspense, pacing, thrill of danger and sense of place. I didn't like that Cooper consumes her closest work associates. Fairstein's been excommunicated now and awards withdrawn but her writing is still good. Oct 14, Stephanie rated it really liked it.

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Murder, intrigue, and history- a good read. Dec 27, Pat rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. Another enjoyable Alexandra Cooper. Involves a gold coin, an island in NY called the Kills, an older woman who was a dancer with Josephine Baker, child abuse and more. Good one.

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Nov 13, Alexandra Lovell rated it really liked it. The plot in this one had me going. Definitely can't wait to read the next one! Jun 06, Ddalton rated it did not like it. This woman is racist and sent five innocent minority children to jail in the Central Park Five case. Who knows how many other innocent minorities she has harmed. What an awful person.

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Apr 14, Greg rated it really liked it. Keeps you guessing. This one had a convoluted story line. International bestselling author Linda Fairstein returns with a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that takes Alexandra Cooper into the dark underside of New York City.

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Hunting a killer within New York's urban jungle becomes the biggest case of Alexandra Cooper's career in New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein's latest unputdownable thriller. In this brilliantly written thriller, Linda Fairstein captures both the high drama of the courtroom and the taut New York atmosphere. A compelling page-turner that leaves the reader gasping for breath. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. Title Author. Refine By. Publication Date November pre-release. October release this month. Last 3 months. Last 12 months. The beginning of the novel is brisk, poignant and exposes the various facets of sex crimes. The victims are human and sympathetic to the reader. The villain is Turkish and this reeks faintly of racism or, at least, xenophobia though Linda Fairstein declared in an interview that she made him Turkish to tackle the problem of jumping bail and escaping the country in such a situation. The way Alex meddles into a murder case that is not her concern or area of expertise rests on unconvincing reasons. Linda Fairstein explains:.

We are usually called in as soon as a major crime has been reported, so that we work closely with the police detectives in the early phases of the investigation.

As you can see from the fiction, my colleagues and the NYPD have an unusually close working relationship. As a chief of the unit I supervise all the lawyers, participate in investigations and am the liaison between my boss and the NYPD chiefs, too. This fails to convince as Alex is the head of a very specialized unit and cannot possibly be called to cases that are not related to it. Nine lives would not be enough.

The first crime rape is all but forgotten, relegated to the back burner so to speak, and the novel, from then on, focuses on a series of Mafioso type characters, each more unpleasant than the other. We are presented with a nest of vipers, hoodlums, buxom blondes, peepers, capricious divas, shady, oily-haired agents.

The rape of the two Canadians seems fairly cut and dry. There is little room for doubt. The smallest question triggers an avalanche of facts []. We get the history, geography, architecture, gossip column of the Met. Alex is said to have studied ballet all her life [] and Linda Fairstein is an absolute fan of the Met postface. Every tiny detail is mentioned and we get chapter and verse on said detail. The story fictionalizes a real event that took place at the Met in a thirty-year old violinist, Helen Hagnes Mintiks, from the Berlin Ballet disappeared during a performance between the second and third act and was not found for three days.