The Other Side of the Gulf

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Antipodes Map - Tunnel to the other side of the world

We have before—at times when the divide was even more bitter—and we will again, Feldman assured the crowd. Civility, meanwhile, is the grease that lubricates the machine, Feldman said, making it easier for us to get things done efficiently and effectively. Leaders gathered for Better Together Feb.

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We can all agree that every child deserves a home. Yet as many as 1, students in the Sarasota County public school system are identified as homeless each yea You simply click a point on the left map and you see a guy's head pop out on the exact opposite location on the other side of the world on the right-hand map.

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By using the exact longitude and latitude of your seed point, the tool can accurately measure the farthest point on earth from that seed. This is a much more convenient way to determine what's on the opposite side of the world than digging through the earth.

The maritime boundaries of the Arab Gulf states

If you were to dig, you would face the impossible task of digging through: continental crust, mantle, outer core, inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust once again. All that to likely end up in the middle of an ocean somewhere.

Fishing port. The other side is an industrial gulf. (Japan)

What if you did want to dig to the other side of the world? You'd probably want to take a look at the Kola Superdeep Borehole in Russia.


This borehole was drilled as an attempt to drill as deep as possible in the earth's crust. The well, which began drilling in finished in at 40, feet and is the deepest man-made hole on in the world. I'd suggest sticking with a more theoretical approach to digging through to the opposite side of the world. Curious to calculate your antipode by hand?

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First, figure out the latitude and longitude of your current location. Then, take the latitude and convert it to the opposite hemisphere. If curious, below is a list of antipodal locations, both exact and approximate.