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Another Quirk introduced much later, Black Whip, allows its user to create and control tendrils of dark energy; it's not just great for attacking and restraining, but is also useful for mobility. The Nara clan of Naruto have the ability to control their shadows and can "solidify" them in order to use them to control or strangle opponents.

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Their reach can also be amplified by extending to other shadows specifically, the length is not "used up" going through another shadow. One Piece : Blackbeard has the literal "Darkness" power. This is fairly typical of the superpower logic in One Piece. Gecko Moria has power over shadows; mostly, he steals them from people and uses them to reanimate corpses into zombies, although he can absorb them himself to become more powerful or just use his own shadow to attack directly as well.

Possibly lampshaded as an Actor Allusion in the dub. It turns Haru into The Berserker , though it wasn't entirely the fault of the sword itself. Varete of Witch Hunter show just how powerful shadows can be, with her power to control shadows.

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She can block swords with the shadows up her sleeve and level entire towns using the shadows cast from a tree. She is almost impossible to hit with attacks, as she can use even the shadows between her hair and her head to attack and defend, with an almost limitless amount of mana to allow her to fight for extremely long times.

Onimaru's last Dragon in Yaiba was Dark , the demon of Darkness. He could engulf people in his shadows and send other creatures into another dimesion forever. In Yu-Gi-Oh! He's often accompanied by his apprentice , Dark Magician Girl. Yugi: Dark Magician, attack with Dark Magic!

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Comic Books. In Marvel Comics , Darkforce users can use this, although they aren't all evil. Much like their Marvel counterparts, they range the gamut from hero to villain.

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Most interestingly, the shadows created by the Shade , were at one point analyzed by a police scientist. He went insane the moment he looked at the sample in the microscope. Phantom Lady on the other hand uses science! Well, a Dark Light gun from a mysterious European scientist. She can cast dark-fields preventing all light from reaching an area from outside. These can either be complete, effectively rendering useless all light sources within the area, or hollow to allow the interior to be lit.

She can also solidify these fields, to use as a more direct weapon. She has the power to create darkness times darker than a moonless night. Her black shadows are impenetrable by light. Malice Vundabar, the youngest member of the Female Furies , could summon a shadow monster called Chessure. Nightshade of Suicide Squad. Her mother is from the Land of Nightshades, whose denizens can transform into and manipulate shadows. These abilities were made more powerful and versatile during her time with Shadowpact.

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It is not known if the Land of Nightshades is in any way related to the Shadowlands Lord Sovereign from Astro City can control and weld the mysterious dark energies that empower him. Jackie in The Darkness manipulates the dark, but broadly speaking, he's a good guy. For a mob hitman.

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  5. Well, he's better than the wielder of the light powers , anyway. Dodge also uses it to transform himself into a house-sized wolf-creature. In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction project Project Dark Jade , Jade usually gains a a variation of this in stories where she once again becomes a Shadowkhan refer to the Western Animation entry below : In Queen of All Oni , after Jade resumes the role of Queen of the Shadowkhan, she gains the ability to move through shadows, and eventually gains a pair of fans that can fire blasts of shadow chi. In the Jackie Chan Adventures and W. The title character of The Shadow Khan.


    Elementals of Harmony : Done literally, when Luna uses a spell to turn her shadow into a localized version of the heat death of the universe to destroy the honesty elemental. Comes complete with a creepy Magical Incantation : The world is a mote of dust circling a tiny spark, floating in an unfathomably vast ocean of nothingness. Light, life, chaos, all of these are lies. Lies of such minuscule consequence that the universe allows them to seem true. But one day, its patience will run out.

    The spark will gutter. The mote will freeze. All will be as it truly is: Dark, silent, unchanging. For eternity. Films — Animation. Facilier in The Princess and the Frog. At least part of it is thanks to his Friends, though his own shade could actually be his own. Pitch in Rise of the Guardians. Notably, his powers are actually constructs of black sand , so they're more physical than most examples here. Beyond that, he is seen slipping into shadows especially in his lair and even creating multiple shadows to act as decoys.

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    Chernabog in Fantasia uses shadows of his hands to summon his minions. Folklore and Mythology. In some versions of the Matter of Britain, King Arthur 's dagger, Carnwennan, has the magical power to shroud its wielder in shadow, which he used to slice the Very Black Witch in half. A non-evil example would be Arithon from Wars of Light and Shadow. He's called the Master of Shadow for a reason, having power of the darkness and anything related to it, while his half-brother is the Lord of Light.

    Ethereal of Three of Heart, One of Blood is able to manipulate shadows to the point where she can create sentient beings with them, albeit fueled by her own personality in a sense. She also averts the Stripperific clothing rule by wearing large, conservative dresses. There are 30 Fallen one for each coin of the Judas Price , and each of the Fallen has their own tastes and powers, sometimes influenced by their hosts.

    In Nicodemus' case, his Fallen, Anduriel, manifests as his shadow, which moves independently of him. Aside from being intensely creepy, this also means that it can function as a pair of wings for him, conceal things, and attack directly. However, its most dangerous ability isn't revealed until Nicodemus' third appearance, in Skin Game , where it's revealed that Anduriel was Lucifer's spymaster.

    He can hear anything in range of someone's shadow, and sometimes even look out and see what's nearby. Even with those limits, it's kind of terrifying. The Dark court in Wicked Lovely.

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    They are emotional parasites and, at the height of their power, can manipulate shadows and form strange 'shadow creatures', which follow their leader of the time, although they serve little purpose. Generally, the edginess comes from the darkly seductive nature of them — one subspecies, the gancanagh, are addictive to mortals and the embodiment of Death by Sex.

    They also like tattoos, although this half-applies to all the fey in Melissa Marr's work. It's Author Appeal , as Marr herself has several tattoos. In The Wheel of Time , the Dark One manifests an avatar with the power to create black fire, a "sphere of black light", and generalized darkness in rooms. This may be analogous to its other unique ability, to block access to the One Power: it can destroy physical light as it can magical Light. Myrddraal are terrifying, though that just may be because of their Eyeless Faces , extraordinary combat abilities, and love of rape.

    They possess the ability to teleport through shadows. Since their chief weapons are fear, terror Frighteningly, while her heir Shelob is Weakened by the Light , Ungoliant actively consumes it and spits out blackness. In The Black Company , the Shadowmasters are aptly named. Make of that what you will.

    In the next book, Snuff , it's revealed that a part of the Summoning Dark merged with the Guarding Dark, Vimes' own Superpowered Evil Side , and he can call on its power when seeking "vengeance", i.