The Unspeakable Princess

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He said he preferred to expose himself to all dangers than begin civil war. The queen followed the king, leading the dauphin by the hand. I was in the garden, near enough to offer my arm to Madame de Lamballe, who was the most dejected and frightened of the party; she took it.

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The king walked erect; his countenance was composed, but sorrow was painted on his face. The queen was in tears; from time to time she wiped them and strove to take a confident air, which she kept for a while; nevertheless, having had her for a moment on my arm, I felt her tremble. The dauphin did not seem much frightened. She said to me, looking at the ferocious populace: 'All those people are misguided; I wish their conversion, but not their punishment. To the Marquise de Bombelles.

September, I possess in the world two friends, and they are both far away from me. That is too painful; one of you must positively return. My heart is full of the happiness of that poor girl who weeps with joy—and you not there! I have visited two other poor families without you. I pray to God without you. But I pray for you, for you need his grace, and I have need that he should touch you—you who abandon me! I do not know how it is, but I love you, nevertheless, tenderly.

November 27, You see that I obey you, my child, for here I am again. You spoil me; you write to me punctually; that gives me pleasure, but I am afraid it may give you a headache. I preach against my interests, for I am very happy when I see your handwriting; I love you, but I love your health better than all. You say that Fontainebleau has not spoilt me; I like to believe it. Perhaps you will think that rather vainglorious, but I assure you, my heart [ mon coeur ], that I am very far from thinking I can remain good; I feel I have very much to do to be good according to God.

Not so with God; he judges us internally; and the more the outward imposes, the sterner he will be to the inward. I have been at Montreuil since nine o'clock, the weather is charming. I have walked about with Raigecourt for an hour and three-quarters. Albert de Rioms is coming to dine with me, so that my letter cannot be long. March 15, You ask me, my friend, how I pass my time; I shall answer: Rather sadly, because I see many things that grieve me.

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The famous Assembly of Notables has met. What will it do? Nothing, except make known to the people the critical situation in which we are. The king is sincere in asking their advice. Will they be the same in giving it?

I think not. I have little experience, and the tender interest I take in my brother alone induces me to concern myself with these subjects, much too serious for my nature. I do not know, but it seems to me they are taking a course directly the opposite of that they ought to take. I have a presentiment that all will turn out ill.

As for me, if it were not for my attachment to the king I would retire to Saint-Cyr. Intrigues fatigue me; they are not in accordance with my nature. I like peace and repose; but it is not at the moment when my brother is unfortunate that I will separate from him. The queen is very pensive. Sometimes we are hours together alone without her saying a word. She seems to fear me.

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April 9, He is ordered to remain at Versailles until his successor is appointed, so as to render him an account of affairs and of his projects. One of my friends said to me some time ago that I did not like him, but that I should change my opinion before long. I don't know if his dismissal will contribute to that; he would have to do a good many things before I could change in regard to him.

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He must feel a little anxious about his fate. They say his friends put a good face upon it; but I believe the devil loses nothing and that they are far from being satisfied. It was M. I hoped the Baron de Breteuil would not take that upon himself; it does him honour not to have done so. The Notables talk with more freedom though they have never cramped themselves in that , and I hope good may come of it. My brother has such good intentions, he desires the right so much and to make his people happy, he has kept himself so pure, that it is impossible God should not bless his good qualities with great successes.

He did his Easter duties to-day. God will encourage him, God will show him the right way: I hope much. The preacher in his address encouraged him immensely to take counsel of his own heart.

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He was right, for my brother is very good and very superior to the whole Court united. I have been to vespers in the parish church. They were quite as long as they were last year, and your dear vicar sang the O filii in a manner quite as agreeable. Des Escars expected to burst out laughing, and I the same.

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I am in despair at the sacrifice you make me of your monkey, and all the more because I cannot keep it; my Aunt Victoire has a dread of those animals and would be angry if I had one. So, my heart, in spite of all its graces and of the hand that gives it to me, I must relinquish it. If you like, I will send it back to you; if not, I will give it to M. I am in despair, I feel it is very churlish, that it will vex you very much, and so I am all the more sorry. What consoles me is that you would have had to get rid of it soon on account of your children, because it might become dangerous.

Your philosophy enchants me, my heart; you will be happier, and you know how I desired you to be that. I do not understand why you say that M. She is terribly restless, that good lady, which displeases me much. I am a partisan of repose. The queen is very kind to me just now; we are going together to Saint-Cyr, which she calls my cradle. She calls Montreuil my little Trianon.

I have been to hers the last few days with her, without any consequences, and there was no attention she did not show me. I am in a state of enchantment at the enormous gratuity they have given you.

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I am afraid the king will ruin himself with such liberalities. If I were your husband I would leave it with M. I began by reading M. Adieu, my heart. I hope your medicine will do you good. Try to calm yourself. June 6, The king returns upon his steps, just as our grandfather did. It seems to me that government is like education. We should not say I will until we are sure of being right. But once said, there should be no yielding of what has been ordained. I think that my sister-in-law would act thus; but she does not yet know the soul of my brother, who fears always to make a mistake, and who, his first impulse over, is tormented by the dread of doing injustice.

You will see that the parliament will be recalled within six months, and with it Necker and the States-General; that is an evil we shall not escape, and I wish they had been convoked a year ago that we might have them over and done with. What the king does from clemency they will say he does from fear, for they will not do him the justice he deserves. As for me, who read his heart, I know well that all his thoughts are for the welfare of his people.

But he would make that more sure by isolating himself less from his nobles.