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As for the Three Bird's Nest owner, she thrived from all the good and the bad publicity and still has an online store online.

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This is a huge problem. Maybe you are in a hurry, or don't have enough time. The light may not be on your side today or your cell battery won't allow you to take pictures with a flash. Perhaps your camera is giving you grief—a viable excuse. But whatever the problem, please know that a picture really is worth a thousand words. Perhaps you should consider Etsy as the Martha Stewart of selling online. Does that make sense?

1. Find your art form

You have to have pretty, cute, sensationally adorable photos. This isn't a garage sale but a boutique! With that said, you should post the appropriate items and take a bit more time to take your photographs. Etsy allows you to have TEN previously five photos per item, which really lets you show every angle of your item. Upload as many great photos as you can. These photos should be clear, creative, and close-up!

10 Tips for Selling on Etsy: Avoid Common Seller Mistakes

I am going to link a separate hub I wrote on the photographs, with tips and tricks right here, as it's a lot of reading. Don't worry, I have also added it to the bottom of this page so that you may find it when done reading. The first five words of the Etsy title of your item are very important, as chances are these are the first five words that will show up in a search or in the HTML address of the item. This means they will be eventually pulled into shopping sites and searches.

Granted, the title on Etsy is open to having way more than just five or six words, but as a rule I think you should focus on the most important in the beginning of your listing. For this example, I placed myself as a buyer. If I was looking for a glove mold, how would I search? I would search for vintage glove mold, or vintage porcelain glove mold, or vintage hand. My reviewed "good" title would pull any of those terms up.

Let's say you have a handmade garnet wire wrapped ring made of sterling silver you are trying to sell. Some sellers write a one-line description and leave out the good stuff. The trick is figuring out what needs to be said about the item and saying it shortly and sweetly.

In other words, don't digress and don't write a book! Your description should be as descriptive as possible. Think of how you would want to learn about something.

If it's a necklace, what stone is it and how long is it? What kind of clasp does it have? If it's a blanket, what are the dimensions and materials and colors? If it's vintage, what condition is it in and what kinds of defects may it have? Always be descriptive yet concise. A story is nice, but not a ten page essay.

Some people tend to link their shop's other sections in the bottom of each description, which is helpful to get people to check out other items in your shop. Tip : Do not link to a specific item, only a shop section. Items will expire and links will go "dead. Keywords on Etsy are very important and will help get your item found. Many people don't take full advantage of them and this is a major mistake. Use them all. If you can't think of descriptive words for your item, do a think-outside-the-box exercise. Let's say you have a blue vintage radio and it's made by Crosley.

You have used the tags: radio, blue, crosley, vintage, but now what? The reason you have this feature is to make announcements, so use it wisely. Keep it fresh and update it often. If you have a coupon code for the upcoming holiday, post it there. Believe it or not, the first few lines show in Google and so you should think of good words in the first sentence or so. SEO is always vital! The "About" section is really your public profile and should tell a story.

This is where people love to read and see what makes you tick. This little part of your shop may be where shoppers go to get a sense of who you are, what your style is, and if they should buy from you. The artist's persona is part of their brand, so tell a great story. Social media is essential when you have an Etsy shop.

How great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek

In fact, Etsy now gives you easy access to connect your Facebook and Twitter to your shop so you can keep your fans in the loop! There are also share tools like a pin-it buttons for Pinterest users to quickly pin your items to their pinboards. This is the most important thing I have learned about Etsy. Case in point, with million of items on the site and thousands of storefronts, Etsy has become the most popular place to sell for the home business.

The site allows the mom and pops to make a living selling handmade, vintage, or art supplies affordably, with a list fee of only twenty cents. So the only major barrier left between you and sales is visibility and getting people to focus on your items among all the other items for sale.

Etsy gives you the storefront, but you must do your own marketing, and social media is the way to do this. I find my target audience on Instagram and Facbook, and since Instagram has been bought out by Facebook then it makes it easier to cross post. I just taught an Instagram class and sell an eBook in my Etsy shop.

It's a necessary evil to think like a business and use it these days. You want to get your items out into cyberspace, get people to notice your shop and treat it like a real business.

Real businesses promote themselves. So you really need to figure out how to go all-out and connect with people and promote your wares. You can figure this out in a variety of ways:. The bottom line: Etsy gives you a storefront and platform to showcase you wares. It is up to you to do the marketing!

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Etsy offers a choice of two sizes of banner, or an option not to have one. The old classic was x and the site below has over free ones. A small banner will showcase your wares but also be cute. Some shops choose to NOT display a banner, which shows more items. In my case, I have chosen a large banner because it's pretty and I think shows a bit of what my shop is about. However, it also takes up more space and that is real estate space where I could be selling items.

Exposure goes hand-in-hand with social media. This means having your item or shop featured and mentioned on sites or platforms other than your own, via various channels such as blogs or websites.

Selling on Etsy: Avoid Common Mistakes

You can do social media on your own, but in addition to that I am a firm believer that the shops who end up on top, are there partially due to others sharing their shop and talking about their items. In other words, they have so many "good links" pointing to their shop they may come up higher in Etsy search results than a shop who has none. Tip: Teams are a great way to network with other like minded Etsians to help you! This book is full of great ideas and tips from a successful Accountant. I am actually a shop featured in the book believe it or not.

10 of the Best Tips to Stop Yourself From Multitasking and Focus More Effectively

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Angie, I feel your pain. Shipping plays a major factor on the Etsy shop but make sure you have first went into your shipping options and checked off the commercial base rate discounts that Etsy will give you. If not you will be set to retail pricing. I sell heavy items and unfortunately had to stop most international shipping due to high rates or breakage.

I am unsure if you can do first class international small package rate but the issue is a lot of times that does not have tracking anymore. I upped my pricing and lowered my shipping to make the item the same overall profit, and this worked a little.