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That's how I grew up. Hammered: The youngster looked like he could come to a sticky end as a warhammer wielding penguin shuffled alongside him. Aero-smith: She will have been hoping to get some bubbly chocolate treats after dressing up. Reason to smile: The pair had managed to avoid getting clobbered by the confused penguin. Milo, who was born in , is the son of Tyler's former husband, British musician Royston Langdon. She and Langdon, the lead singer of indie band Spacehog, split after five years of marriage but vowed to remain friends.

Glamorous: The brunette beauty looked a world away from her usual glamorous self on Halloween. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Liv Tyler greets trick or treaters with candy before donning witch costume to go door to door with son Milo e-mail.

The Witch Next Door

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Steve Webb Predatory paedophile, 22, is jailed for 12 years for forcing himself on schoolgirls, 12 and 15, after There are ways and ways of not asking for anything in return of course. Nanny Ogg, for instance, insists that part of her job is to take the first pint of every brewing and the first cake of every baking, to prevent occult forces using them against people.

Many witches, especially in the Ramtops, have steadings; geographical areas and populations that they're responsible for. It is unclear how steadings are defined; Tiffany has the entire Chalk as a steading, while other witches have only two or three villages. Steadings are not necessarily passed on to the apprentice of the witch who previously watched over the steading.

There does seem to be a particular geography to it; a discussion of the older witches dying off leads reluctantly to discussing a redrawing of territorial boundaries, which is getting more difficult to handle as there are fewer young girls becoming witches than there are older witches dying. Witches tend to lead lonely lives; they are generally feared and respected rather than liked, and often perform their duties with little or no thanks from the populace at large.

This leads some witches to become resentful of their charges, and to use their power against them. A witch who " goes to the bad " may initially not feel she is doing anything wrong, but will eventually build gingerbread houses and poison spinning wheels. Witches call this " cackling " and, to keep it at bay, they pay regular visits to one another to gossip and take tea, all the while watching for telltale signs.

At the climax of events in I Shall Wear Midnight , it is revealed that the local witch, as the Witch of that area, also has powers and authority not unlike a Justice of the peace ; they are able to perform binding marriage ceremonies, as-well-as judge and deal-out punishment s onto the deserving. A sub-series of young adult books introduced a new witch character, Tiffany Aching , who was gradually tied into the main Witch storyline as her series continued. Most fully qualified witches are known by the title of "Mistress".

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The majority of Discworld Witches are seen in the Ramtops region of Discworld, and, barring the latest book in the Tiffany Aching series, the primary protagonists of the Witch books are from Lancre , a country in the Ramtops region. The Lancre Coven is, as mentioned above, the main group of witches in the Discworld novels, and the ones featured in the novels referred to as "The Witches series". It could also be said that they each represent a different stereotype of witches: Granny is the classic fairy tale witch, Nanny the village wise woman and Magrat the modern romantic Wiccan.

It has been explained in the books that three witches are required for a coven.


Two witches get on each other's nerves; the third one can get them to make up, so they can all get on the nerves of everyone else. If a coven has more than three members, they all get on each other's nerves. It is also mentioned that the true collective noun for a group of witches is not "coven", but "argument". She is often described as "a wet hen", generally by Granny Weatherwax. Magrat believes in crystals, folk wisdom, and cycles of nature, and is overall a gentle parody of New Age pagans.

Despite appearances, beneath her silver jewelry and heavy eye makeup, Magrat is surprisingly practical. She can defend herself physically when necessary, and is capable of performing impressive feats of real magic as seen in Wyrd Sisters when Magrat uses her magic to turn the old wooden door into a rising oak—a display that impresses even Granny Weatherwax.

Magrat's gentle personality allows her to serve as a mediator between the often-clashing Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, but she does occasionally display a strong temper herself. In Witches Abroad Magrat was chosen to serve as a Fairy Godmother, but her inability to master the use of the wand which had a tendency to reset to "pumpkins" prevented her from taking full advantage of the powers associated with this position.

Magrat is technically a better doctor than the other two witches, since she actually believes in herbalism while Granny tends to use whatever plant or bottle of coloured water comes to hand as a prop for her headology in this case the placebo effect , as explained in Lords and Ladies. This unusual name was the result of Magrat's attempt to correct a mistake made by her own mother, who had intended for Magrat to be named "Margaret" but was unable to spell the name properly when she wrote it down for the priest.

In an effort to ensure the proper naming of her child, Magrat appended "Note Spelling" in the note she passed to the priest. This back-fired when he read out the complete sentence, and was mortified afterwards, but the deed had been done and no attempt to change it could be made. Magrat renounces witchcraft shortly before her marriage, partially to prepare for her duties as queen, but mostly out of frustration with the way she is treated by the senior members of the Lancre coven and is supplanted by Agnes Nitt after the events of Maskerade.

Her absence from Maskerade seemed to confirm that Magrat had retired from her career as a witch, but after Princess Esmerelda's birth she was forced to assume the Mother role in the coven when Granny Weatherwax decided to temporarily step down during the events of Carpe Jugulum. Nanny was none too pleased with this development, as Magrat being the Mother forced Nanny "to be the Other One ".

Despite her new temporary role, at the end of the novel, she was asked, and acquiesced, to make tea by Granny Weatherwax, a role usually performed by the Maiden in this case, Agnes Nitt. In The Shepherd's Crown , she is one of the people across the Disc who feels Granny Weatherwax's death when she dies of old age; she and Verence were attending a conference in Genua at the time. It is also revealed that since the events of Carpe Jugulum Magrat and Verence have had two more children.

A fossil species of Mesozoic ginkgo has been named Ginkgoites garlickianus after Magrat Garlick. Agnes Nitt , daughter of Threepenny Nitt, first appears in Lords and Ladies as one of the local Lancre girls led by Lucy " Diamanda " Tockley who decided to become witches during the absence of the Coven in Genua. Faced with a disapproving Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, she reverted to her birth name when she approached them to learn true witchcraft after Diamanda's duel with Granny. Although she plays a very minor role in this book, Agnes is the only one of the 'cool' new witches other than Diamanda in whom Nanny Ogg senses any real Talent.

Agnes is a sensible young woman who suffers from a self-induced multiple personality disorder. Tired of being seen as just another overweight girl with "a nice personality and good hair", Agnes tried to create a new, more exciting persona for herself. Agnes calls this alter ego Perdita X Dream where the X stands for: " a person who has a cool and exciting middle name ".

Perdita is even more romantic than Magrat, although her tastes are more Gothic than New Age. The Perdita persona leaves Agnes in two minds about everything. The first mind is herself, good-natured and sensible Agnes; the second is dramatic and rebellious Perdita. It is said that inside every fat girl, there is a thin girl waiting to get out and a lot of chocolate —according to Perdita, she is that girl. The Perdita personality usually manifests itself only as part of Agnes's internal dialogue, often in the form of sarcastic remarks as though her 'Second Thoughts' have taken on a life of their own.

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Yet Perdita is capable of taking real action in emergency situations. This divided personality makes Agnes highly resistant to mental manipulation. Anyone trying to mesmerise or entrance Agnes will find the Perdita personality surfacing as Agnes begins to lose control, and vice versa. In Maskerade Agnes becomes a major character for the first time.

Agnes possesses an amazing talent for singing. She has a vocal range that extends from a deep bass rumble to a glass-shattering soprano, can sing in harmony with herself a normally impossible ability , project her voice around a room and the page , and mimic the voices of others.

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These remarkable gifts are due to her suppressed magical ability, which Agnes unconsciously used to enhance her innate musical talent. Although Agnes is by far the more talented of the two, she finds herself relegated to the chorus while Christine's career benefits from the attention of the mysterious " Opera Ghost ".

Agnes is also alienated from the rest of the chorus, due to her weight and practical nature. Granny and Nanny, having identified Agnes as the best candidate for the third member of the Lancre coven, soon arrive and complicate things further.

In the end, Agnes realizes that her practical nature is unsuited the world of opera. She returns to Lancre and becomes the new Third Witch. In Carpe Jugulum , the arrangement of the coven had been upset by Granny Weatherwax 's sudden departure, although Agnes retained her role of Maiden. She, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick fended off the clan of vampires, the de Magpyr, who threatened to take over Lancre, whilst at the same time fending off the rather forward romantic advances of the vampire clan's son, Vlad de Magpyr, who is fascinated with Agnes' dual mind, as it makes mind control over her difficult to impossible.

You know you've been cursed with a voice like that. This leads to some speculation as to what had become of the coven. Her role in Wintersmith seems to have been filled in by Miss Tick , as more than three Witches together at one time becomes an "argument". She does, however, appear in The Shepherd's Crown , where she along with Perdita is one of the people across the Disc who feels Granny Weatherwax's death when she dies of old age; and then later attends Granny Weatherwax's Wake.

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  5. It's revealed that Agnes has been going on singing tours , and had been in Quirm at the time of Granny's death. Witch stationed in Sidling Without and who is good with pigs, as acknowledged by Esme Weatherwax.

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    She is mentor to Petulia Gristle , good with animals, and is apparently a pig-borer, cow-shouter and all-round veterinary witch. The terms "pig-borer" and "cow-shouter" are plays on horse whisperer. According to The Discworld Almanak , pig-boring is a humane form of slaughter in which the animal is talked to death.

    A witch who teaches school over the mountain from Lancre. She takes snuff and does her own shoe repairs, which makes her "All Right" in Nanny Ogg's book, but has a nasty habit of being reasonable when provoked. A very old witch who has been fortune telling for so long that she is no longer able to keep her mind in the present as Granny Weatherwax puts it, she has a " detached retina in her second sight ".

    Her mouth frequently appears out of sync with her words, and her footsteps often sound ten minutes before she actually makes them. The wife of a retired wizard and a natural organiser, especially of things that don't really need organising. She wears a great deal of "occult" jewellery that doesn't actually do anything.