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And he forgave the sins of the adulterous woman and cripple who walked And he tenderly touched the leper and healed their skin and removed shame And he bent double with compassion at the suffering he saw in others And he raised the dead boy and gave him back to his mother And he raised the dead girl and gave her back to her father And he raised his dead friend, and gave him back to his sisters And he opened the eyes of the blind and he opened ears of the deaf And he opened the prisons of the tormented And he opened the minds of the questioning And he opened the way for us to God Now that is amazing.

And he fed hungry pilgrims with five small loaves and two fish And he commanded the wind and waves to obey him and they did And he ordered the shadows to depart from troubled souls and they did And he taught us to pray to God as Father And he called his disciples his friends And he had a special heart for those on the margins And he was homeless with no-where to lay his head.

And he intimidated the authorities — and he provoked his enemies And wicked men and evil spirits conspired to kill him And he faced down the fear and embraced his destiny And welcomed the betrayer with a kiss, and still called him friend And scheming men sat in judgment And they condemned and spat, and beat and nailed, and killed him And he died a willing ransom for our sins And he who knew no sin became sin for us And he entered god-forsakeness for our sake And by his stripes we are healed. If you enjoyed this, do share it on social media, possibly using the buttons on the left.

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Thanks so much for sharing this, which inspired me to do something along these lines in our Easter service yesterday. I wrote it in blank verse, enabling me to memorise it — which also seemed to help people to connect with it.

Easter Wonder

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. More from my site Have we got the schedule for Easter wrong? How can training for ministry be truly effective? Egg hunt, lamb roast, chocolate for breakfast, and just generally too much chocolate? As parents, our journey to teach our kids the Bible can feel tough and difficult, but it really is essential.

We know that of all the good things we give our kids, the best thing we can give them is Jesus. So why do we find it so hard? Waiting for that quieter day?

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Forget that! Jesus came into our mess to bring us hope and life rescue — so the best time to talk about Him with your kids is in the middle of every day normal messy life.

go to site So grab a copy of The Wonder of Easter , decide whether you are going to take the ALL OUT route 5 studies a week from now to Easter Sunday or the highlights tour which works out at about 2 a week and take your family on a journey to a wonder-filled Easter. These complement the Wonder of Easter book.

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